Backgammon starting position

backgammon starting position

Backgammon is one of the oldest board games known. It is a two player game where playing .. Variants commonly alter the starting position, restrict certain moves, or assign special value to certain dice rolls, but in some geographic regions. Part of Backgammon For Dummies Cheat Sheet. Knowing the starting positions in backgammon is very important. Before you start playing the game in earnest. Backgammon is a game for two players, played on a board consisting of twenty- four narrow triangles called A board with the checkers in their initial position. If there casino zürich no checkers on higher-numbered points, the player is permitted and required to remove a checker from the highest point on which one of his checkers resides. The triangles alternate in color and are grouped into four quadrants of six triangles. A roll of 1 may be used to bear off a checker from the 1-point, a 2 from the 2-point, and so on. Here is an example: The usual Tavla rules are same as in the casino erkelenz neighboring Arab countries and Greece, as established over a millennium ago, [55] but there are also many quite different variants. Paul Magriel was a key witness for the defence, contradicting Dr.



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